Welcome. I'm glad you decided to visit. I hope this will be a step in the direction of  increased self awareness, understanding, confidence, and happiness for you. 

Making a decision to enter into therapy isn't always easy. You want to feel better than you do, or improve your relationships, or stop some behaviors that are hurting you or the people you care about. You want something to change.

Here's some good news:   good therapy really works.                           

If therapy is about insight, awareness and change, good therapy is about identifying what these changes need to be (and you may be surprised at what that starts to look like), and learning how to make them most effectively. 

To help set some ground work for the context within which these changes will occur, I'm going to let you in on the biggest secret in psychotherapy. I'm not kidding. There's abundant research to confirm this, and it's not new information. What's more, my own 16 years of professional experience, as well as my personal experience as a client in therapy validates it too. Here it is:

The most important single element in determining successful therapy is.................the therapeutic relationship.        It's not what school of therapy your therapist subscribes to, or what theories she/he likes, or what techniques he/she uses. It's how well she/he can relate, therapeutically, with you, and how you respond positively, over time, to that. This is of enormous importance.

The changes that therapy requires of you will take shape and and begin to take place within the context of a supportive, nurturing, engaging, sometimes fun (it's true; good therapy involves, at times, significant humor), professionally and non-possessively committed relationship. You are not in this alone.


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